The Truth About NRAS


As an investor, you’ve probably heard about NRAS.

You probably already know it’s an excellent way to secure long-term

There’s much less vacancy risk.

And your tax free income benefits can last for up to 10 years.

All this is true.

But what you may NOT know is that NRAS is often offered in slow
growing areas.

Areas that move at a snail’s pace!


Many of its income benefits can be wiped out by the sluggish


What if you could get all the tax free income advantages of
NRAS… in one of Australia’s fastest growing capital growth hot

So you get all potential soaring capital gains of a booming
area… with the added bonus of thousands of dollars a year in tax
free income.

Consider this example…

An investor buys brand new house valued at $470,000.

She rents for an attractive $650.00 p/w because it’s in a fast
growing regional centre.

For a normal investment property in this town, the average
investor on an $80,000 a year income could get approximately
$4,300.00 after tax and depreciation.

So it’s potentially positive cashflow.

And its returns are better than most areas across Australia.

This investor is happy.

However, when these numbers are put into an NRAS property… it super
charges her after tax income.

By how much?

By a whopping 95%… nearly double.

So after NRAS she receives $8,400.00 after tax.


Based on our research, NRAS is one of the best yielding property
strategies today.


… To get its full benefits you should consider investing in a
regional centre impacted by the mega billions of dollars invested
in resources.

Happy investing,

Anthony Simon


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