The secret of the world’s richest property investors

Here’s an interesting email from a property developer friend of mine, Mark Rolton.

He did over 300 property transactions last year, so he really knows his stuff about wealth creation.

Thought you might be interested…

The secret of the world’s richest property investors

On any given month, I get income from literally 100’s of sources.

Why is this important?

Because this is the definition of financial independence – no matter what happens, I have cashflow coming in.

I am not relying on one source of income – a job.

And, this ties into the real secret of wealth – ‘Your wealth is in your holdings’.

How many assets do you hold today? What is their value? What income do they give you each month?

‘High Rise’ Harry Triguboff holds 1000’s of properties. He knows the secret.

As does Robert Kiyosaki.

But, the question is, how do you 10x your current asset base, especially with current lending restrictions in Australia?

The secret is a ‘capital event’.

What do I mean by that? I mean, in simple terms, making a big chunk of cash, in a short amount of time!

This is what got me started out.

I made about $1 million in one real estate deal.

And that provided me with momentum for the next, and next.

Now I can spend much of my time, with my friends out on my boat in Queensland’s crystal waters – without a financial care in the world…

But what about YOU….

Now, let’s trigger your ‘capital event’…your big ‘pay day’ to get you started…

So, you increase your holdings…and enjoy financial freedom

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