This Guy bought 10% of Facebook for $500,000. Here are 5 of his Best Life

Have you heard of Peter Theil? Not only did he start Paypal, he also was an early bird investor in Facebook – he bought 10% for $500,000.   So, he’s financially comfortable.   Anyway, he’s a super smart guy so I thought I’d share some of his wisdom with you…to help you grow as an […]

How a Divorced Welfare Worker Bought 5 Properties in 5 Years

As a welfare worker who spends her days looking after people with intellectual and physical disabilities, Jeanette Cisneros loves to give back to our community. A few years ago, however, she decided there was no reason why she had to sacrifice her own standard of living in order to pursue a career she was passionate […]

Should you buy a property now, or wait?

Question: Should you buy a property now, or wait? The best way to answer this question is to tell you about an older couple in their 50s. In the last 20 years, they have procrastinated to buy a property. They have passed up five opportunities, just because their friends told them not to buy. Recently, […]

Psycho Dad’s Property Lessons

As the father of a 3-year-old girl – my little Angel Sophia – I imagine that once she reaches her teenage years, I will be quite ‘protective’ of her. That is why I laughed when I saw a T-shirt listing ‘10 rules for dating my daughter’. The rules are… 1. Get a job. 2. Understand […]