The story of the Lion & the Field Mouse (The secret of the world’s most productive people)

I hope you’re enjoying the wind down to Christmas – and connecting with family and friends for festivities. Here’s some wisdom, from a very successful US politician Newt Gingrich, that could help you get inspiring results in all areas of your life. The Lion and the Field Mouse A lion is fully capable of capturing and killing a field […]

14 Lessons the real ‘Rich Dad’ Learnt in a Real Estate Crash

There’s a guy in the US called Keith Cunningham, who many people say is the real ‘Rich Dad’ that Robert Kiyosaki got a lot of his teachings from. He was definitely a major influence on Robert, particularly in the development of the ‘cashflow quadrant’. Now, Keith was a big time real estate investor in the […]

This guy spent 5 years studying 233 rich people. Here’s what he discovered…

As property investors, we’re building an asset base that will give us the income and equity we need for a comfortable life of freedom and choices. And our daily habits play a key role in achieving this worthy goal. That’s why today I’ll share a list of 10 habits of the wealthy. These are compiled […]

Advice to Hilary Clinton – Have a Martini and put your feet up…

So the final Trump and Clinton Debate is on today. It’s a bit of a non-event because on the polls, the election result is done and dusted. So as long as Secretary Clinton doesn’t rock up in a Hells Angels Jacket….it’s in the bag for her. She could put her feet up, sip a Martini […]

“What Todd discovered reviewing over 1,345 property portfolios…”

As you know, Todd Polke is a leading property investing strategist. In fact, he’s personally reviewed over 1,345 property investors’ portfolios. And what he’s found is that successful property investing is not just about buying the right property. The most successful investors master these 7 areas of wealth creation. If you are lacking in any […]

Inspiring story

An inspiring story for you… When Helen’s family moved to Australia from China when she was a little girl she had trouble fitting in at her new school in a tough suburb of West Sydney. For one, she was a bit smaller than the other kids. Secondly, she couldn’t speak a word of English! But […]

Buy 3 properties in 3 years or I’ll give you $5,000?

100’s of property investors have already registered to join Todd Polke at his Property Wealth Masterclass. If you haven’t already joined them, get on this now because you’ll discover… How to potentially qualify for Todd’s ‘Buy 3 properties in 3 years or I’ll give you $5,000” guarantee. How to get the ATO to potentially pay […]

$60,000 Profit in 21 days through real estate?

Making money in property doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. Take Nhan’s latest deal. He set some of his students a challenge to make $$$ through property in 30 days. And, like the good teacher he is, he took on the challenge too. To get started, he snapped up this little gem, […]

Success secret of a cockroach eater

You’ve probably seen Bear Grylls on TV eating cockroaches, jumping out of planes, and trekking through the jungle. What you may not know is Grylls was one the few people to do SAS training twice? The SAS is an elite British army squadron with the motto ‘Who Dares Win’s’ And their 3-month training is ‘bone […]

“(PHOTOS) What a piece of crap house – who would buy it?”

Tell me this isn’t one of the most run down houses you’ve ever seen? And, yet look what Leon and Cath did with it? And, believe it or not, they ended up making a great profit. This was because they bought the property at a bargain price – and did a great job renovating. What’s […]