[GLOBAL] (Infographic) What do 7 Billion People Do All Day?

Did you know that Cleopatra’s reign was closer in time to the creation of the iPhone than to the building of the Pyramids? They were built in the reign of previous pharaohs 2000+ years before her. Of course, Cleopatra wouldn’t recognise or understand so much of what we take for granted in modern society. But […]

Boom goes the dynamite! How Vince got a $450,000 equity boost in 12 months!

When people think about property developing they sometimes think about… ….complicated finance arrangements… ….Managing builders… ….Project delays ….and large levels of risk. But, it doesn’t need to be that way.  Not at all.  In fact, it can be a simple and stress-free process if you know what you’re doing. You see, Nhan Nguyen is all […]

$60,000+ per year passive income from a property in Sydney?

Wei from Sydney wanted a set and forget investment. He also wanted something that gave him income-  instead of taking money out of his pocket. So positive cashflow property investor, Helen Tarrant helped to him to buy an office in Sydney. He bought it for $699,000 in 2013, at a 7% yield. But, Helen’s recently […]

Inspiring story

An inspiring story for you… When Helen’s family moved to Australia from China when she was a little girl she had trouble fitting in at her new school in a tough suburb of West Sydney. For one, she was a bit smaller than the other kids. Secondly, she couldn’t speak a word of English! But […]

How this lady made $58,000 per year passive income – through a quick shopping trip

Recently a friend of mine went on a “shopping trip” But she wasn’t buying clothes or hand bags, or furniture. She was buying property! She got on an early flight to an Australian city. Met up with an agent – and saw a few properties. And, within 7 days she had secured just two properties […]

The “5TH Wiggle’s” Secret of Successful Property

Property Superstar Nhan Nguyen was in a shopping centre recently and a kid asked him for his autograph. Nhan was chuffed. “Wow they must be teaching kids about wealth creation young now days’ he thought. Then the kid said ‘Yeah you’re my favourite Wiggle”. Can you see the resemblance?   Anyway, maybe Nhan isn’t a […]

(Photos) Unbelievably Tiny Homes You’ll Love

Ok, we all knew homes were getting smaller…but these homes are really small. This home in Flinders Victoria is on the market now – it’s on many acres and boasts stunning views.  Great family home – assuming you’re leprechauns! Stylish award winning Danish island homes – looks like they are double storey. The designers say […]

[Photos] Where to Buy a House for $25

Because of the ‘bounce back’ of US housing, those who bought property there since the GFC have, in many cases, done very well.  But this is clearly not the case for all US cities. Take Detroit. Detroit was once the motor ‘muscle city’ of America – an industrial powerhouse. Plus, it’s where Mo-Town music was […]

A Guy Wrote this Crazy Ad to Sell his House – I Kid You Not…

This was a ‘for real’ listing that a guy in the states used to sell this humble home. “Ok Asheville, I get it. People is broke these days. Therefore I dropped the price on my house to $224,900. Go look at it, and if you don’t like it, then screw you, but I think you […]

When the property market crashed…

In the 1880’s and the 1890’s in Melbourne there was a frenzied appetite for land. Everyone was in on the ‘land boom’ – clergy, teachers, newspaper salesmen as well government ministers etc. Everyone wanted to make a dollar through land speculation. And people did make a killing initially. That’s because land prices grew by up […]