This investor made about $32,876 PER DAY for 50 years – Here’s his investing advice…

The world’s most successful investor Warren Buffett reads about 800 pages a day. His networth is about $70 Billion dollars. When someone asked him for his advice on how to get started in investing he said… “Read the report of every company on the New York Stock Exchange.” “But Warren, there’s over 60,000 companies” they […]

How Sydney investors can ride the next ‘BIG WAVE’ of Capital Growth

Recently the prestigious investment bank UBS called the ‘top’ of the Sydney property boom. Now, whether they are right or wrong… Most folks agree that prices in Sydney won’t continue to grow the way they have been indefinitely. So, what’s the next smart move for Sydney investors? Well let’s take a walk down memory lane […]

Real Estate Rule: “If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money”

Mark Rolton that I thought could be of interest to you…Enjoy.  “If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money”. This is a big rule of real estate, that I live by. Don’t have any hot projects on the go? Ok. Tell me…how many land owners did you speak to last week? Here’s’ what one […]

How to “Split” your way to FAST real estate profits (without spending a lot of money)

Have you heard of ‘Splitters”? They are a type of real estate deal, where you can ‘split up’ a block of land into two blocks… Without going through the normal costs and time of a sub-division process. That’s because the land is already legally made up of two or more existing lots on the one […]

Embarrassing success lesson from a 6-year-old capitalist

“Daddy, can you please take me to the neighbour’s house…I want to sell my artwork” This is what my little 6-year-old girl said to me last Thursday night. I wasn’t as excited as she was. I felt a bit “uncomfortable” going door to door selling Sophia’s pictures. Kind of like the Mormons of the Art […]

5 links to make you richer, look amazing & perform at your peak

All on board for a big 2017? A large part of your wealth, success and happiness will come down to your daily habits and choices. So here’s some resources that I personally use to perform at my peak and grow my wealth. PROPERTY WEALTH Few things will grow your wealth like a well-chosen property deal. […]

The story of the Lion & the Field Mouse (The secret of the world’s most productive people)

I hope you’re enjoying the wind down to Christmas – and connecting with family and friends for festivities. Here’s some wisdom, from a very successful US politician Newt Gingrich, that could help you get inspiring results in all areas of your life. The Lion and the Field Mouse A lion is fully capable of capturing and killing a field […]

This guy spent 5 years studying 233 rich people. Here’s what he discovered…

As property investors, we’re building an asset base that will give us the income and equity we need for a comfortable life of freedom and choices. And our daily habits play a key role in achieving this worthy goal. That’s why today I’ll share a list of 10 habits of the wealthy. These are compiled […]

$60,000+ per year passive income from a property in Sydney?

Wei from Sydney wanted a set and forget investment. He also wanted something that gave him income-  instead of taking money out of his pocket. So positive cashflow property investor, Helen Tarrant helped to him to buy an office in Sydney. He bought it for $699,000 in 2013, at a 7% yield. But, Helen’s recently […]

$60,000 Profit in 21 days through real estate?

Making money in property doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. Take Nhan’s latest deal. He set some of his students a challenge to make $$$ through property in 30 days. And, like the good teacher he is, he took on the challenge too. To get started, he snapped up this little gem, […]