How to “Split” your way to FAST real estate profits (without spending a lot of money)

Have you heard of ‘Splitters”? They are a type of real estate deal, where you can ‘split up’ a block of land into two blocks… Without going through the normal costs and time of a sub-division process. That’s because the land is already legally made up of two or more existing lots on the one […]

The story of the Lion & the Field Mouse (The secret of the world’s most productive people)

I hope you’re enjoying the wind down to Christmas – and connecting with family and friends for festivities. Here’s some wisdom, from a very successful US politician Newt Gingrich, that could help you get inspiring results in all areas of your life. The Lion and the Field Mouse A lion is fully capable of capturing and killing a field […]

$60,000 Profit in 21 days through real estate?

Making money in property doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. Take Nhan’s latest deal. He set some of his students a challenge to make $$$ through property in 30 days. And, like the good teacher he is, he took on the challenge too. To get started, he snapped up this little gem, […]

Success secret of a cockroach eater

You’ve probably seen Bear Grylls on TV eating cockroaches, jumping out of planes, and trekking through the jungle. What you may not know is Grylls was one the few people to do SAS training twice? The SAS is an elite British army squadron with the motto ‘Who Dares Win’s’ And their 3-month training is ‘bone […]

How this lady made $58,000 per year passive income – through a quick shopping trip

Recently a friend of mine went on a “shopping trip” But she wasn’t buying clothes or hand bags, or furniture. She was buying property! She got on an early flight to an Australian city. Met up with an agent – and saw a few properties. And, within 7 days she had secured just two properties […]

The Secret of the “Property Wealth Pyramid”

There are many different levels you can ‘play at’ in property investing. And each level gets you a different type of financial result. What level are you playing at? What level do you want to play at? If you want to take your investing to the next level…make sure you attend the free webcast tonight […]

Woman follows GPS into a lake

A Canadian girl was driving along being guided by her GPS on a misty winters night. Then, splash! Before she knew it, she was submerged in the water. Her trusty GPS had led her off a boat ramp into the local lake. Luckily, she was able to open the window and swim out. This reminds […]

Huh – $30 a Month to Live in a Toilet!

The housing market in lower east side New York City is crazy. How crazy? A bartender decided to test it out. She offered this dirty bar toilet to rent as a ‘cosy artist loft for $30 a month’ What happened? She was inundated with responses! That’s no surprise when you consider the average 1 bed […]

Chinese General Reveals Biggest Threat to Your Family’s Wealth…

The Art of War is a military classic written by a Chinese General in about 512 BC. Its guided generals and military leaders throughout the ages in how to make more strategic, wiser decisions. It became a mega bestseller in 2001 when Tony Soprano mentioned to his therapist he was reading it. 100,000’s of people […]

‘Brave Heart’ Negotiation Tactic to Send you Broke

Just when we thought we had secured our beautiful new home on the coast… BOOM… Last night another bidder came in with a better offer. I gave the real estate agent a call and asked him a series of questions to get a sense of the ‘negotiating landscape’… Is the other bidder an investor or […]