The story of the Lion & the Field Mouse (The secret of the world’s most productive people)

I hope you’re enjoying the wind down to Christmas – and connecting with family and friends for festivities. Here’s some wisdom, from a very successful US politician Newt Gingrich, that could help you get inspiring results in all areas of your life. The Lion and the Field Mouse A lion is fully capable of capturing and killing a field […]

Scandalous accusations against Nhan Nguyen!

We’re promoting an event with Nhan Nguyen on Facebook. In the ad it mentions he’s done over $30 million of property developments. Which is true – in fact it’s a lot more than that. Most people are really positive and share the event with their friends. In fact, over 563 people have already registered so […]

$60,000+ per year passive income from a property in Sydney?

Wei from Sydney wanted a set and forget investment. He also wanted something that gave him income-  instead of taking money out of his pocket. So positive cashflow property investor, Helen Tarrant helped to him to buy an office in Sydney. He bought it for $699,000 in 2013, at a 7% yield. But, Helen’s recently […]

$60,000 Profit in 21 days through real estate?

Making money in property doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. Take Nhan’s latest deal. He set some of his students a challenge to make $$$ through property in 30 days. And, like the good teacher he is, he took on the challenge too. To get started, he snapped up this little gem, […]

Success secret of a cockroach eater

You’ve probably seen Bear Grylls on TV eating cockroaches, jumping out of planes, and trekking through the jungle. What you may not know is Grylls was one the few people to do SAS training twice? The SAS is an elite British army squadron with the motto ‘Who Dares Win’s’ And their 3-month training is ‘bone […]

How this lady made $58,000 per year passive income – through a quick shopping trip

Recently a friend of mine went on a “shopping trip” But she wasn’t buying clothes or hand bags, or furniture. She was buying property! She got on an early flight to an Australian city. Met up with an agent – and saw a few properties. And, within 7 days she had secured just two properties […]

The “5TH Wiggle’s” Secret of Successful Property

Property Superstar Nhan Nguyen was in a shopping centre recently and a kid asked him for his autograph. Nhan was chuffed. “Wow they must be teaching kids about wealth creation young now days’ he thought. Then the kid said ‘Yeah you’re my favourite Wiggle”. Can you see the resemblance?   Anyway, maybe Nhan isn’t a […]

The Secret of the “Property Wealth Pyramid”

There are many different levels you can ‘play at’ in property investing. And each level gets you a different type of financial result. What level are you playing at? What level do you want to play at? If you want to take your investing to the next level…make sure you attend the free webcast tonight […]

Chinese General Reveals Biggest Threat to Your Family’s Wealth…

The Art of War is a military classic written by a Chinese General in about 512 BC. Its guided generals and military leaders throughout the ages in how to make more strategic, wiser decisions. It became a mega bestseller in 2001 when Tony Soprano mentioned to his therapist he was reading it. 100,000’s of people […]

How a “Hairy Bigfoot” Can Help You Find ‘Boom Suburbs” – Before Everybody Else…

In America 1,000’s of people are looking for Big Foot – a big hairy ape like creature, that allegedly roams forests in America. So far they don’t have any real proof. But they do have some very convincing photos. For example, here’s a picture of Big Foot – or a man disguised in a gorilla […]