How Sydney investors can ride the next ‘BIG WAVE’ of Capital Growth

Recently the prestigious investment bank UBS called the ‘top’ of the Sydney property boom. Now, whether they are right or wrong… Most folks agree that prices in Sydney won’t continue to grow the way they have been indefinitely. So, what’s the next smart move for Sydney investors? Well let’s take a walk down memory lane […]

How to “Split” your way to FAST real estate profits (without spending a lot of money)

Have you heard of ‘Splitters”? They are a type of real estate deal, where you can ‘split up’ a block of land into two blocks… Without going through the normal costs and time of a sub-division process. That’s because the land is already legally made up of two or more existing lots on the one […]

This guy spent 5 years studying 233 rich people. Here’s what he discovered…

As property investors, we’re building an asset base that will give us the income and equity we need for a comfortable life of freedom and choices. And our daily habits play a key role in achieving this worthy goal. That’s why today I’ll share a list of 10 habits of the wealthy. These are compiled […]

How to be “King or Queen of the Property Jungle”– even if you’re not wealthy yet

The “5TH Wiggle’s” Secret of Successful Property

Property Superstar Nhan Nguyen was in a shopping centre recently and a kid asked him for his autograph. Nhan was chuffed. “Wow they must be teaching kids about wealth creation young now days’ he thought. Then the kid said ‘Yeah you’re my favourite Wiggle”. Can you see the resemblance?   Anyway, maybe Nhan isn’t a […]

The Secret of the “Property Wealth Pyramid”

There are many different levels you can ‘play at’ in property investing. And each level gets you a different type of financial result. What level are you playing at? What level do you want to play at? If you want to take your investing to the next level…make sure you attend the free webcast tonight […]

Woman follows GPS into a lake

A Canadian girl was driving along being guided by her GPS on a misty winters night. Then, splash! Before she knew it, she was submerged in the water. Her trusty GPS had led her off a boat ramp into the local lake. Luckily, she was able to open the window and swim out. This reminds […]

$0 Deposit on New Apartments

So there’s a massive Chinese lender offering Chinese investors in Australian property loans with deposits of $0. Sounds wonderful right? How do I become Chinese? But here’s the kicker 14% interest rate. Ouch. Not a bad bet for the bank. They are getting incredible return on their money – and it’s backed by Australian property, […]

How this Guy Skyrocketed his Income by about $60,000 in 6 months

One of the most important things you can do to accelerate your property investing is boost your investable income. What’s that? It’s the income left over after your fixed expenses and taxes. If you have more investable income, you can fund more deposits, borrow more money, and buy more properties. There are 4 ways you […]

This ‘3 word’ Investment Strategy Leads to Struggle Street!

“Every Battle is Won Before its Ever Fought”                                              Sun Tzu, the Art of War Why do some investors just buy one or two investment properties and ‘stop there’… While others build substantial property […]