This ‘hidden jewel’ can boost property prices by up to $33,100

Did you know that the right sort of median strips can boost a suburbs prices by up to $33,100. This is just one of our 56-point research criteria for finding super-star properties, at affordable prices. FREE WEBCAST Reveals how to find the next potential “boom suburbs” for under $500,000. Register now: FREE WEBCAST – CLICK […]

(Photos) Why did this property grow in value 5x faster?

Check out these 2 properties. They are within easy walking distance of each other. Both bought in 2013.   Yet, one has enjoyed 6.5% growth – that’s lacklustre. While the other has enjoyed 32% growth.  That’s around 5 x more price growth. What makes the difference between these 2 properties? Well that’s what tonight’s webcast […]

The #1 secret to wealth creation…is now at your finger tips!

Hi, it’s Nhan Nguyen here, from Small Developments Made Easy. Here’s possibly the #1 skill to propel your wealth forward. It’s one of the top secrets of the wealthy. And the good news is, it’s right at your finger tips. What is it? Having a ‘specialised income producing skill’. Let me explain. A Brain Surgeon […]

Over $500,000 Profit Potential – in 1 Amazing Real Estate Deal

Have you heard about the new event with Cashflow Capital, a property sourcing members club? Check it out here…. Recently, they got their members into a deal that could make them over $500,000 profit. It was an “Arm Chair” development deal. This is where they find a site and project manage a development for the […]

(Revealed) 2 little-known capital growth triggers

Why do some suburbs boom – while other suburbs stay flat, or even go down in price? The answer is desirability. The more desirability a suburb is to owner-occupiers – the largest and most emotionally driven part of the real estate market…… The more price-growth it will generally experience.  The question is…how do you identify […]

(Case Study) How this guy created $13,000 extra income per month for 7 months – through 1 one real estate deal

Here’s a sweet little deal that one of Nhan Nguyen’s’ students did recently in Brisbane – in a nice family friendly suburb. There were some positives to this deal. Good purchase price – bought on the evening before auction for $767,000. And it was on a lovely big block. On the downside –  pools may […]

Could this cause ‘Hyper Capital Growth’ in these cities

Recently a parliamentary committee took a good look at Elon Musks ‘Hyper Loop’ idea….as a way that we could travel from Sydney to Melbourne in less than an hour. It’s basically a little space-age ‘pod’ that travels through a ‘tube’ at epic speed. Sounds fun. Designers say could fit 24 people in luxury class, 50 […]

Was this guy a real estate genius – or just lucky????

A while back, there was a guy at a real estate conference with Dymphna Boholt who proudly told the group that he’d made $140,000 out of a Reno. Now, that’s a fair chunk of change, so many folks were impressed. Dymphna was impressed too…but also curious. ‘How did you calculate your profit’ I asked? Well […]

(3 crazy lawsuits) Are you a ‘red hot’ litigation target?

It never ceases to amaze me the sort of law-suits that some chuckle-heads bring. A sex offender got frostbite while on the run from the police.  Then he sued the police on the basis that they should have done a better job of catching him. “If he had done his job, I wouldn’t be in […]

The “Scatter” Technique for BIG Property Discounts

What’s the easiest way to make $54,000….$78,000….even as much as $105,000 or more….in one simple move? Buying a property for a whopper discount. Here’s one way to do it that Dymphna Boholt calls ‘The Scatter Technique’. Work out the median price of your target houses in a specific market You waltz into the area and […]