Real Estate Rule: “If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money”

Mark Rolton that I thought could be of interest to you…Enjoy.

 “If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money”.

This is a big rule of real estate, that I live by.

Don’t have any hot projects on the go?

Ok. Tell me…how many land owners did you speak to last week?

Here’s’ what one of my students, Robert has been up to recently. 

#1. He used my system to find a hot deal – a big block of land

#2 He approached the owner about optioning the land

#3 The owner said ‘NO’ to him optioning the land.

But, YES to doing a JV with him. 

Here’s how it works: Robert gets the DA and oversees the project, while the landowner puts up the land.

What does Robert get for the skill he provides? A potential profit of around $280,000.

What a deal for both parties.

The deal involves 14 house and land packages and 4 duplexes as well as parkland, a playground, pool and BBQ areas for residents to enjoy.




Beautiful lay out, right? I love the shared parkland space to share.

Look if you’re not on the court making offers, then you’re not making money. You’re missing out….big time.

Let me get you started….

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