(Photos) Why did this property grow in value 5x faster?

Check out these 2 properties.

They are within easy walking distance of each other. Both bought in 2013.


Yet, one has enjoyed 6.5% growth – that’s lacklustre.

While the other has enjoyed 32% growth.  That’s around 5 x more price growth.

What makes the difference between these 2 properties?

Well that’s what tonight’s webcast with Todd Polke is all about….

What are the ‘attractor factors’ that make one property in one street…vastly outperform another property….even in the same neighbourhood!

And, how can you build a portfolio that’s full of these ‘superstar’ properties?

(Free Webcast) How to find properties that potentially grow in value up to 5X faster than others – CLICK HERE

Hope you can join us, because this will be really illuminating.