Lunch with the Greatest Investor Who Ever Lived….

Guy Spier is a smart fellow.

He has degrees from Oxford and Harvard with top marks.

But when he left Uni he got himself into a hole.

He went and worked for an investment bank that was a flat out boiler room!











The boss was charismatic and painted a bright future for Guy.

And he bought into it.

He worked there, until he realised he couldn’t stomach it anymore.

But then he had a big tarnish on his reputation, and found it difficult to get work.

So he started up his own managed fund based on the ideas of ‘Value Investing’.

Value investing is based around the idea of looking for stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic value.

From a property perspective, if you’ve ever bought a house at such a great discount…that you couldn’t even rebuild it for that amount…

You’re a value investor!

Anyway, Guy threw himself into this new fund with passion.

He studied Value Investing philosophy like a monk studying scripture.

But his investing career really took off because of one simple habit of his.

He took on the practice of being grateful.

Guy’s Big Break!

One day he went and saw super star Value Investor Mohnish Pabrai speak.

Afterwards he wrote Mohnish a quick note, saying how much he enjoyed the talk.

He never expected to hear from Mohnish again.

But not long after he got a note from Mohnish:

‘Thanks for the kind words – I am in your city soon – let’s have lunch’.

Since that lunch Mohnish has been a great mentor to Guy.

But the story doesn’t end there…

Monish, inspired Guy to co-bid on a charity lunch with Warren Buffet the world’s greatest investor.

They won the charity bid, and ended up having lunch with the great man.

They had a ball – drinking Cherry Coke (Buffett owns a good chunk of Cocoa Cola) and listening to his wisdom.

This led to Guy having a friendship with the greatest investor who ever lived.

The net result: Partly because of this mentorship his fund has had a spectacular return.

If you invested $1 Million in his fund in 1997 it would now be worth as much as $5.63 Million.

And it all started, with a simple thank you letter.

From little things, big things grow.

The key to applying the lesson from this story this is seek out leaders in your field.

But do so from a place of gratitude, because appreciation makes things grow.


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