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This investor made about $32,876 PER DAY for 50 years – Here’s his investing advice…

The world’s most successful investor Warren Buffett reads about 800 pages a day. His networth is about $70 Billion dollars. When someone asked him for his advice on how to get started in investing he said… “Read the report of every company on the New York Stock Exchange.” “But Warren, there’s over 60,000 companies” they […]

Psycho Dad’s Property Lessons

As the father of a 3-year-old girl – my little Angel Sophia – I imagine that once she reaches her teenage years, I will be quite ‘protective’ of her. That is why I laughed when I saw a T-shirt listing ‘10 rules for dating my daughter’. The rules are… 1. Get a job. 2. Understand […]

My Shameful Confession…And the $500 Million Typo

When I was in grade 3 at primary school I failed to get my pen licence. There I said it. Every other kid in class got one except me. Frankly my spelling and handwriting was all over the place. So, sadly I missed out. I’ve still been able to write for the last 25 or […]

Holiday in Paradise – Where everything wants to kill you!

I am holidaying in Palm Cove in Far North Queensland with the family for a few days, to get some sun. (I live in Victoria, so we haven’t seen the Sun for a few months now). And it’s paradise… Beautiful clean beach… Palm trees everywhere…. Tropical islands… Great restaurants… Lush rain forests… The only problem […]

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James McLeod Dawson

is a seasoned investor with over 33 years experience. He has completed over 100 real estate transactions. He existing portfolio is valued at $10m plus and yields him a passive income of over $500,000 per year.

Anthony Simon

left school when he was 16. He purchased first property before his 19th birthday. By age 26, he’d acquired 15 properties and today is a multi-millionaire. To date he has mentored hundreds of property investors to bigger and bigger profits.


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