What the “New Real Estate Rich” are doing in 2017 – 4 Rules for Investing Success…

Ask any property investment sales person…. Property doubles every 7 to 10 years Property always goes up Just buy and hold, and negatively gear – and you’ll retire rich. While these old rules can work….because property is a very forgiving asset class if you buy and hold in capital cities for the long term… If […]

How a Sydney mum gets over $4,000 per week passive income from property

There are recent ways to become more ‘financially resilient’ in the new economy. So, here’s one way to do that. A Sydney investor has a created a passive income of over $4,000 per week….by investing in small commercial properties – cafes, offices and the like. Her secret is to buy properties with strong long-term leases, […]

14 Lessons the real ‘Rich Dad’ Learnt in a Real Estate Crash

There’s a guy in the US called Keith Cunningham, who many people say is the real ‘Rich Dad’ that Robert Kiyosaki got a lot of his teachings from. He was definitely a major influence on Robert, particularly in the development of the ‘cashflow quadrant’. Now, Keith was a big time real estate investor in the […]

Boom goes the dynamite! How Vince got a $450,000 equity boost in 12 months!

When people think about property developing they sometimes think about… ….complicated finance arrangements… ….Managing builders… ….Project delays ….and large levels of risk. But, it doesn’t need to be that way.  Not at all.  In fact, it can be a simple and stress-free process if you know what you’re doing. You see, Nhan Nguyen is all […]

Advice to Hilary Clinton – Have a Martini and put your feet up…

So the final Trump and Clinton Debate is on today. It’s a bit of a non-event because on the polls, the election result is done and dusted. So as long as Secretary Clinton doesn’t rock up in a Hells Angels Jacket….it’s in the bag for her. She could put her feet up, sip a Martini […]

Scandalous accusations against Nhan Nguyen!

We’re promoting an event with Nhan Nguyen on Facebook. In the ad it mentions he’s done over $30 million of property developments. Which is true – in fact it’s a lot more than that. Most people are really positive and share the event with their friends. In fact, over 563 people have already registered so […]

“What Todd discovered reviewing over 1,345 property portfolios…”

As you know, Todd Polke is a leading property investing strategist. In fact, he’s personally reviewed over 1,345 property investors’ portfolios. And what he’s found is that successful property investing is not just about buying the right property. The most successful investors master these 7 areas of wealth creation. If you are lacking in any […]

$60,000+ per year passive income from a property in Sydney?

Wei from Sydney wanted a set and forget investment. He also wanted something that gave him income-  instead of taking money out of his pocket. So positive cashflow property investor, Helen Tarrant helped to him to buy an office in Sydney. He bought it for $699,000 in 2013, at a 7% yield. But, Helen’s recently […]

Buy 3 properties in 3 years or I’ll give you $5,000?

100’s of property investors have already registered to join Todd Polke at his Property Wealth Masterclass. If you haven’t already joined them, get on this now because you’ll discover… How to potentially qualify for Todd’s ‘Buy 3 properties in 3 years or I’ll give you $5,000” guarantee. How to get the ATO to potentially pay […]

$60,000 Profit in 21 days through real estate?

Making money in property doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process. Take Nhan’s latest deal. He set some of his students a challenge to make $$$ through property in 30 days. And, like the good teacher he is, he took on the challenge too. To get started, he snapped up this little gem, […]