This investor made about $32,876 PER DAY for 50 years – Here’s his investing advice…

The world’s most successful investor Warren Buffett reads about 800 pages a day. His networth is about $70 Billion dollars. When someone asked him for his advice on how to get started in investing he said… “Read the report of every company on the New York Stock Exchange.” “But Warren, there’s over 60,000 companies” they […]

Holiday in Paradise – Where everything wants to kill you!

I am holidaying in Palm Cove in Far North Queensland with the family for a few days, to get some sun. (I live in Victoria, so we haven’t seen the Sun for a few months now). And it’s paradise… Beautiful clean beach… Palm trees everywhere…. Tropical islands… Great restaurants… Lush rain forests… The only problem […]

How Sydney investors can ride the next ‘BIG WAVE’ of Capital Growth

Recently the prestigious investment bank UBS called the ‘top’ of the Sydney property boom. Now, whether they are right or wrong… Most folks agree that prices in Sydney won’t continue to grow the way they have been indefinitely. So, what’s the next smart move for Sydney investors? Well let’s take a walk down memory lane […]

Sleeping with a Property Millionaire…

I just finished a book about a wealthy entrepreneur…who paid a Navy Seal to come and live with him for a month… And basically, kick his ass into oblivion everyday! They would jump into icy lakes….do 1,000 push ups in a day…. Run in the snow…etc. What a grinder! But, here’s the thing: He learnt […]

Real Estate Rule: “If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money”

Mark Rolton that I thought could be of interest to you…Enjoy.  “If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money”. This is a big rule of real estate, that I live by. Don’t have any hot projects on the go? Ok. Tell me…how many land owners did you speak to last week? Here’s’ what one […]

The secret of the world’s richest property investors

Here’s an interesting email from a property developer friend of mine, Mark Rolton. He did over 300 property transactions last year, so he really knows his stuff about wealth creation. Thought you might be interested… The secret of the world’s richest property investors On any given month, I get income from literally 100’s of sources. […]

How to “Split” your way to FAST real estate profits (without spending a lot of money)

Have you heard of ‘Splitters”? They are a type of real estate deal, where you can ‘split up’ a block of land into two blocks… Without going through the normal costs and time of a sub-division process. That’s because the land is already legally made up of two or more existing lots on the one […]

This is “Save our Suburbs” on Steroids!

Maybe you’ve got a ‘save our suburbs’ group in your area. It’s a group of concerned citizens who fight inappropriate development in their area. My uncle is really involved with this group. He’s fighting off new developments in the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. So much so, he even buys neighbouring houses to save them […]

Embarrassing success lesson from a 6-year-old capitalist

“Daddy, can you please take me to the neighbour’s house…I want to sell my artwork” This is what my little 6-year-old girl said to me last Thursday night. I wasn’t as excited as she was. I felt a bit “uncomfortable” going door to door selling Sophia’s pictures. Kind of like the Mormons of the Art […]

How this Brisbane guy gets 4 streams of passive income – from 1 real estate deal

When Nhan found this property, he smelt rich opportunity.  Luckily, he was able to secure it at the right price, because it was an off-market deal. Same people might have thought to put a house in the backyard – or maybe a duplex. But Nhan saw bigger potential. After working with the council, he put […]