This ‘hidden jewel’ can boost property prices by up to $33,100

Did you know that the right sort of median strips can boost a suburbs prices by up to $33,100. This is just one of our 56-point research criteria for finding super-star properties, at affordable prices. FREE WEBCAST Reveals how to find the next potential “boom suburbs” for under $500,000. Register now: FREE WEBCAST – CLICK […]

Lost in the financial jungle – with no water, food, or GPS!

Do you worry about your financial future? Not having enough money for your retirement – or running out of money mid-way through? Covering the negative cashflow on your portfolio? Feel like you are spending too much – and not saving enough – or building wealth fast enough? Maybe this pic from financial planner Carl Richards […]

A guy wrote this crazy ad to sell his house – I kid you not…

This was a ‘for real’ listing that a guy in the states used to sell this humble home. “Ok Asheville, I get it. People is broke these days. Therefore I dropped the price on my house to $224,900. Go look at it, and if you don’t like it, then screw you, but I think you […]

(Photos) Why did this property grow in value 5x faster?

Check out these 2 properties. They are within easy walking distance of each other. Both bought in 2013.   Yet, one has enjoyed 6.5% growth – that’s lacklustre. While the other has enjoyed 32% growth.  That’s around 5 x more price growth. What makes the difference between these 2 properties? Well that’s what tonight’s webcast […]

(Webcast Tonight) Hidden Hot Property Deals – How to Find Them

Free Webcast reveals how to find “Hidden Hot Property Deals” “Could potentially give you ‘instant equity’ and positive cashflow — but you need to know where and how to spot them.” With property prices so high in many suburbs, even seasoned investors are wondering if there’s still money to be made in property. The good […]

The #1 secret to wealth creation…is now at your finger tips!

Hi, it’s Nhan Nguyen here, from Small Developments Made Easy. Here’s possibly the #1 skill to propel your wealth forward. It’s one of the top secrets of the wealthy. And the good news is, it’s right at your finger tips. What is it? Having a ‘specialised income producing skill’. Let me explain. A Brain Surgeon […]

Over $500,000 Profit Potential – in 1 Amazing Real Estate Deal

Have you heard about the new event with Cashflow Capital, a property sourcing members club? Check it out here…. Recently, they got their members into a deal that could make them over $500,000 profit. It was an “Arm Chair” development deal. This is where they find a site and project manage a development for the […]

(Revealed) 2 little-known capital growth triggers

Why do some suburbs boom – while other suburbs stay flat, or even go down in price? The answer is desirability. The more desirability a suburb is to owner-occupiers – the largest and most emotionally driven part of the real estate market…… The more price-growth it will generally experience.  The question is…how do you identify […]

(Video) What the rich do differently

Here’s a new video from successful investor Todd Polke on what the rich do differently….that the poor and the middle class do not. Some very powerful ideas in here…so make sure you check it out:

(Case Study) How this guy created $13,000 extra income per month for 7 months – through 1 one real estate deal

Here’s a sweet little deal that one of Nhan Nguyen’s’ students did recently in Brisbane – in a nice family friendly suburb. There were some positives to this deal. Good purchase price – bought on the evening before auction for $767,000. And it was on a lovely big block. On the downside –  pools may […]