Embarrassing success lesson from a 6-year-old capitalist

“Daddy, can you please take me to the neighbour’s house…I want to sell my artwork” This is what my little 6-year-old girl said to me last Thursday night. I wasn’t as excited as she was. I felt a bit “uncomfortable” going door to door selling Sophia’s pictures. Kind of like the Mormons of the Art […]

(Revealed) 2 little-known capital growth triggers

Why do some suburbs boom – while other suburbs stay flat, or even go down in price? The answer is desirability. The more desirability a suburb is to owner-occupiers – the largest and most emotionally driven part of the real estate market…… The more price-growth it will generally experience.  The question is…how do you identify […]

(Video) What the rich do differently

Here’s a new video from successful investor Todd Polke on what the rich do differently….that the poor and the middle class do not. Some very powerful ideas in here…so make sure you check it out:

How this Brisbane guy gets 4 streams of passive income – from 1 real estate deal

When Nhan found this property, he smelt rich opportunity.  Luckily, he was able to secure it at the right price, because it was an off-market deal. Same people might have thought to put a house in the backyard – or maybe a duplex. But Nhan saw bigger potential. After working with the council, he put […]

(Case Study) How this guy created $13,000 extra income per month for 7 months – through 1 one real estate deal

Here’s a sweet little deal that one of Nhan Nguyen’s’ students did recently in Brisbane – in a nice family friendly suburb. There were some positives to this deal. Good purchase price – bought on the evening before auction for $767,000. And it was on a lovely big block. On the downside –  pools may […]

Could this cause ‘Hyper Capital Growth’ in these cities

Recently a parliamentary committee took a good look at Elon Musks ‘Hyper Loop’ idea….as a way that we could travel from Sydney to Melbourne in less than an hour. It’s basically a little space-age ‘pod’ that travels through a ‘tube’ at epic speed. Sounds fun. Designers say could fit 24 people in luxury class, 50 […]

This guy is the richest in the world under age-30. Here’s the surprising place he’s investing in….

Did you ever read the ‘Richie Rich’ comics when you were a kid?   They were about a rich little kid and his frolics and adventures. Well this young Prince is like the real ‘Richie Rich’. He’s the richest guy under 30 in the world, due to inheriting his father’s lands and titles. In fact, […]

(Live Deal) 1 into 3 lots in 11 days!

Nhan Nguyen is the creator of the ‘Fast Track’ Investing System, and he’s used to do over $36 million of property deals.  Why the name? Well…it can be fast to make money, when you use his system. Take a current deal that he’s doing for example. He bought it ‘off-market’ from a motivated seller for […]

$25,000 per year passive income – from an ugly little office block!

Look at this office building. It’s not winning any architectural awards, right? And yet, Helen Tarrant’s student James loves this ugly office block. Why? Because he purchased it recently for $660,000. And, based on the rental income, he’ll get a net positive cashflow of $25,000 a year – that’s over $2,000 a month. It gets […]

How to replace your income in 3-5 property deals?

What if, instead of buying 10 or 20 properties, you may just need 3 to 5 high-quality cashflow deals to achieve financial freedom? A Sydney mum uses this secret to get over $4000/week positive cash flow. The secret? ‘Set and forget’ Commercial Property. She invests in cafes, offices and the like which have long-term tenants […]

This couple thought they found the ‘Dream Investment’. But what happened next was shocking….

Here’s an inspiring article from Self-made real estate multi-millionaire and Accountant Dymphna Boholt, to help you in your investing journey. —— Many years ago, when I was running my own practice as an accountant a lovely couple came into my office. They had a feeling of confidence and assuredness about them…. Like they knew something […]

How I got started with a $150,000 ‘cash-cow’ property

Here’s an inspiring article from self-made real estate multi-millionaire and Accountant Dymphna Boholt, to help you in your investing journey. —– Many years ago, I felt ‘stuck’. There I was…a single mum and busy accountant, spending all her days helping other people with their finances…. But I wasn’t sure how I should achieve my financial […]

How this Single Mum had a “Cashflow Miracle” through Real Estate

When Dymphna Boholt started out investing, she was running an accounting practice on the Sunshine coast. She wanted to invest in property – but she didn’t want to go down the ‘negative gearing’ route as most accountants recommend. That’s because she was a single mum, and it was hard enough to make ends meet without […]

If you pay too much tax, read this

Do you feel like you pay too much tax?  You’re not alone. Now, of course we’ve all got to do our bit to support the government to provide essential services. But as Kerry Packer said: the governments not doing such a good job that we want to tip them! Especially when you consider, how much […]

What the “New Real Estate Rich” are doing in 2017 – 4 Rules for Investing Success…

Ask any property investment sales person…. Property doubles every 7 to 10 years Property always goes up Just buy and hold, and negatively gear – and you’ll retire rich. While these old rules can work….because property is a very forgiving asset class if you buy and hold in capital cities for the long term… If […]