3 Traits of Highly Successful Investors

What separates ‘Superstar’ investors who build large property portfolios…and retire early and comfortably…from those who struggle even to get started in property?

Here are a few of the factors I’ve noticed in my 20 plus years as a property investor.

No. 1 – Successful investors are always ‘in the market’

When I speak to my friends who are super-star investors they’re always on the lookout for golden investment opportunities.

They don’t sit around hoping prices will go down…or market conditions will become ‘perfect’.

That’s because in a country with about 3000 suburbs…there’s always a great buy somewhere!

You’ve just got to hunt them out!

Not only that, super-star investors know that real estate in Australia is unlikely to get any cheaper.

Instead it’s likely to go up and up and up like it’s done in Australia for the last 100 years.

In fact, did you know that about 120 years ago huge parcels of land in Melbourne were being sold for prices like $10,000 for 100 acres…in what are now blue chip suburbs!

And yet, here’s the amazing part – people said then to those who bought way back then…

‘What are you doing you drongo – you’ve overpaid’.

There are always sceptics. Superstars do their research and take action, and reap the golden dividends as a result.

No. 2 – Successful investors go beyond ‘fear’

‘Would be’ property investors let fear hold them back from getting in the market.

They procrastinate.

But as the bestselling author Jim Rohn said ‘The Price of Procrastination is Regret’.

These ‘would be investors’ have to live with themselves – and their dwindling bank balance – as they let yet another market capital growth cycle pass them by.

(Because make no mistake, we’re heading into another property bull market right now).

Successful investors, on the other hand overcome fear by educating themselves…doing their due diligence…and mitigating their risk.

In other words, they do their research so they can invest with confidence.  You should do the same.

No. 3 – Successful investors build a world-class team

They surround themselves with top accountants, brokers and lawyers and property strategists, so they have a solid team to help them protect and grow their wealth.

That’s because they know there is no such thing as a ‘self-made millionaire’.

The only way to achieve success is to get help from qualified experts who have specialised knowledge in property.

Here’s how to find your dream team…

Get a referral. Ask the richest person you know who they use. It’s unlikely they’re using a ‘B-grade’ accountant, lawyer, or finance broker. You can ask me if you like, and I’ll tell you.

Ask any finance professional you are thinking of using about their own financial results before entrusting them with your financial future. As an example, for the life of me I can’t understand why you wouldn’t use mortgage broker who wasn’t a property investor as well.

That’s because an investor will generally have such a deeper knowledge of your need as a property investor than a non-investor. They’ve walked a mile in your shoes!

More traits to come soon…

Talk soon,